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About us

Leo’s has been set up because we know that the neonatal journey doesn’t begin at admission or end at discharge, and our team are driven to giving continuous care to families who face time in the NICU.

Our motto is ‘We’ve Got You’. Something many of our team have either said to their children or their partners during their journey. For Leo’s, it means every parent or member of staff under our care – we’ve got them.

From offering peer support to mums in the delivery room, explaining what it’s like to deliver a preterm baby and what the NICU is like, caring for a family when they go home through the transition of being discharged. Offering exceptional counselling services for parents, families, siblings and staff to ensure everyone is cared for, and supporting families in every way we possibly can to lessen the stresses and strains they face are just some of the ways we’ll be helping. You can read more about what we do right here on the website.

We don’t have an expiry date on care, we don’t have a tick box system, what we have is a team of incredibly compassionate people who are driven to help and make a difference.

We’re here when you need us, whenever that is and however that is.

We’ve Got You.

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